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At the Fort Henry Gift Giving Show in Kingston, Ontario December 2011 

"I am passionate about creating jewellery that excites the wearer.  My work is both representational and abstract.  I practice traditional silversmithing methods with a contemporary twist."

    I graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with a major in metalsmithing.  I have been fabricating sterling silver jewellery for twenty years now.   I create my works from sterling silver sheet, tubing, casting grain and wire, and incorporate semiprecious stones, beads, and pearls.
    I build a lot of my jewellery in wax, then cast the wax models  in sterling silver, using the lost wax casting process.  I design, fabricate and cast all of my own work, working following traditional silversmithing techniques.

Working at my jeweller's bench, hand sanding a sterling silver pendant I had built in wax and cast.  All of my works are fabricated by me, from beginning to end

My ambition is to create unique jewellery that excites the senses.  I love working with my hands & am constantly inspired by textures of different materials.  I love experimenting with form - molding it, and pushing it to its limit.  I love the fluidity of metal, the way it looks raw, and taking it to the finishing point of polishing it into a beautiful piece of art.

Above is a hand carved wax I built for a ring face, sprued up and ready to be invested for casting 

Below, I am casting 

Current works available at the
 General Fine Craft Gallery
63 Mill Street  Almonte,ON

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